Family Law

At Angualia Busiku & Co. Advocates, we strive to exceed clients’ expectations in every way possible. Not only is our legal team highly skilled in the art of litigation, but we are also excellent negotiators and creative problem-solvers. Clients appreciate our skill and thoroughness in identifying problems and proposing proactive solutions. Our specialised family law practice department makes us one of the most sought after family law firms in Kampala. We are sensitive to our client’s emotional, child related and financial issues associated with family disputes.

Our lawyers provide attentive, responsive service, devoting personal attention to each client. We offer the same level of individualized service that clients expect from a small, community-rooted law firm. At the same time, we offer the benefit of far-ranging experience and knowledge — hallmarks of an established, sophisticated law firm.

Our family law practice encompasses the core areas of: Divorce, Child Custody, Post-divorce matters and both domestic and international adoption.


Divorce can jeopardize both parties’ financial stability and lifestyle. A central component of divorce is property division and agreement on child custody and maintenance. For couples with high-value assets, property division can readily become complex and require extensive investigation, compelling legal arguments and volumes of evidence. We are well-equipped to handle the sophisticated issues that arise in high-asset divorce cases, including property division and alimony. We are familiar with the assets that often become contested in divorce cases, including; Real property, Business interests and jointly held investment accounts.

Child Custody

Custody determinations often involve strong emotions, cherished dreams and fundamental values. When parents cannot agree on a feasible custody arrangement, protracted litigation may become necessary. With so much at stake, professional legal guidance is essential. Our attorneys provide skilled guidance in child custody proceedings. We are intimately familiar with the legal standards involved in custody determinations. As skilled litigators, we understand how to present a compelling case.

Post-Divorce Matters

Divorce cases do not always end with the filing of the divorce decree. Contested legal issues can continue to arise months and years after the initial divorce or child custody process concludes. Angualia Busiku & Co. Advocates also handles all types of post-dissolution matters including, processing of decree absolute orders, modifications and enforcement proceedings regarding alimony, child custody, child relocations, child support obligations and other aspects of the divorce decree.

Domestic and International adoption

We represent clients in domestic adoption petitions and Applications for legal guardianship. Following the Children’s (Amendment) Act 2016, inter country legal guardianship was abolished. Non-citizens can only petition for adoption after fostering the child for atleast one year.

Further on international adoption, the countries of the world are separated into two categories: Hague Convention Countries and Non-Hague Convention Countries. A Hague Convention Country is one bound by an international treaty entitled Convention on Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Inter country Adoption. This treaty is commonly known as the Hague Convention. The Convention establishes stringent requirements between participating countries that insure that an adoption is in the best interest of the child being adopted and to help prevent child trafficking.

Uganda is a Non-Hague country. The process for adopting a child from Uganda and other Non-Hague Convention Country is governed by that country’s laws. It is important to have experienced and competent adoption attorneys who can walk you through the various and unforeseen challenges unique to each of these countries. The attorneys in our International Adoption Practice have the experience necessary to overcome these challenges.

Following the coming into force of US Universal Accreditation Act 2012 in July 201, all adoptions involving US citizens have to be through an adoption agency. Over time, we have developed good working relationship with different adoption agencies from the US with whom we signed agreements to work as their foreign Supervised Provider in Uganda. Through the partner adoption agencies in US and other jurisdictions, we represent families in courts, immigration office and at the respective Embassies for visa processes. With partner licensed private investigation firms in Uganda, we conduct orphan investigation to verify the orphan status of a child. A family planning to adopt should consider orphan investigation report prior to filing of the Application in court.