Guide to Doing Business in Uganda

The total area of Uganda is about 241 000 square kilometres of which about 44 000 are covered by fresh water bodies. As per the last population census conducted in 2014, the population of Uganda is approximately 37.58 million. English is the official language. Swahili and Luganda are also spoken. The capital city and seat of Government is Kampala. Other major towns include; Jinja, Mbala, Arua, Entebbe, Gulu and Mbarara. The latest GDP figures is USD$21.49 billion.

Advertising and Marketing Law

Uganda lacks specific laws to govern the advertising business. In addition to these laws, self-regulatory codes apply in specific industries. The Radio Advertising Clearance Centre (RACC) decides whether individual advertisements meet the Radio Advertising Standards Code. Advertisements in print media are expected to comply with the Professional Code of Ethics for Journalists. Product-specific laws also apply to advertising of certain items, including pharmaceuticals and alcoholic beverages.