Trademarks Publications

  1. Trademark Registration Requirments Ninsiima Irene

    Registration of trademarks in Uganda is enabled by the Principal Legislation on trademarks in Uganda the Trademarks Act No.7 of 2010 that repealed the Trademarks Act Cap 217 and Chapter 37 of the Penal Code Act Cap 120; and its regulations, the Trademark Regulations Statutory Instrument No. 58 of 2012.

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    Foreign Investment Publications

  1. Processing Investment Licence Daniel Angualia

    After a company has been incorporated registered (foreign company) in Uganda, it is eligible for an investment license provided its capital investment exceeds US$ 100,000 (Foreign firms) and US $ 50,000 (Local firms). Application for an investment license is made to Uganda Investment Authority.

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    Business Law Publications

  1. Rules governing Raising of Capital Ninsiima Irene

    The raising of the capital of a company is subject to the traditional Common Law rules that are aimed at protecting the interests of the shareholders and the creditors of the company. Some of these rules have been incorporated in the Companies Act. There are other rules that govern the raising of capital by companies ... Continue Reading...

  2. Insurable Interest In an Insurance Contract Ninsiima Irene

    It has been pointed out judicially that it is not an easy matter to give a definition of an insurance contract.1 Even statutes have not given a definition because of the risk of inadvertently excluding contracts which should be within their scope. However for regulatory purposes, it has been suggested that a contract of insurance ... Continue Reading...

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