Trademarks Publications

  1. Conduct a Trademark Search Daniel Angualia

    An intending applicant for registration of a trademark shall first carry out a search to ascertain whether the trademark exists in the register (section 5).

    The motive behind initial trademark search is to reduce the number of opposition to trademarks registration proceedings. It is also important to conduct a search prior to launching a new brand/ ... Continue Reading...

  2. Opposition to Trademark Registration Daniel Angualia

    There are several grounds that a person making an opposition may rely on. First, Opposition may be made against registration of a trademark under s. 12 on ground that the trademark is similar or nearly resembles the trademark already registered and is therefore likely to deceive or confuse consumers; secondly, opposition may be brought under ... Continue Reading...

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    Foreign Investment Publications

  1. Processing Investment Licence admin

    According to the Investment Code Act 1991, Section 15 (1 and 2), Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) shall issue to the applicant an investment license which shall; Authorize the holder of a license to make all arrangements necessary for establishing the business enterprise described in the license. The Executive Director shall liaise with Government Ministries and ... Continue Reading...

  2. Investment Licences In Uganda Daniel Angualia

    The Executive Director shall liaise with Government Ministries and departments, local authorities and other bodies as may be necessary in order to assist an investment license holder to comply with any formalities or requirements for obtaining any permission, authorizations, licenses, land and other requirements for implementing the business enterprise.

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    Business Law Publications

  1. Guide to Doing Business in Uganda Daniel Angualia

    The total area of Uganda is about 241 000 square kilometres of which about 44 000 are covered by fresh water bodies. As per the last population census conducted in 2014, the population of Uganda is approximately 37.58 million. English is the official language. Swahili and Luganda are also spoken. The capital city and seat ... Continue Reading...

  2. Advertising and Marketing Law Peter Busiku

    Uganda lacks specific laws to govern the advertising business. In addition to these laws, self-regulatory codes apply in specific industries. The Radio Advertising Clearance Centre (RACC) decides whether individual advertisements meet the Radio Advertising Standards Code. Advertisements in print media are expected to comply with the Professional Code of Ethics for Journalists. Product-specific laws also ... Continue Reading...

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    Company Law Publications

  1. Particulars of Directors & Co. Secretary Form Daniel Angualia

    1. “Director “ Includes any person who occupies the position of a Director by whatever name called, and any person in accordance with whose directions or instructions the Directors of a company are accustomed to act.
    2. “Christian name” includes a forename, and “surname” in the case of a peer or personally usually by ... Continue Reading...

  2. Company Address Outside Uganda Daniel Angualia

    Company Registration forms for a company address whose principle office is registered outside Uganda. It is advisable to fill and submit these forms with the guidance of an experienced attorney to ensure a seamless process.

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    Family Law Publications

  1. Adopting after Legal Guardianship Daniel Angualia

    The Legal guardianship Order usually states that the Applicants are permitted to immigrate with the child to the United States of America (Home Country) in order to fulfil their obligations as Legal Guardians. In most cases, the Legal Guardianship Orders do not expressly state that the Applicants are permitted to petition for adoption of the ... Continue Reading...

  2. Adoption Documents Required Daniel Angualia

    The success of an Adoption and legal guardianship Application in Uganda depends a lot on whether the Applicants have requisite documents in support of their Application. It is not uncommon for Judges to adjourn cases to enable the lawyers organize the necessary court documents and then obtain another hearing date. The costs associated with such ... Continue Reading...

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