Processing Investment Licence

According to the Investment Code Act 1991, Section 15 (1 and 2), Uganda Investment Authority (UIA) shall issue to the applicant an investment license which shall; Authorize the holder of a license to make all arrangements necessary for establishing the business enterprise described in the license. The Executive Director shall liaise with Government Ministries and departments, local authorities and other bodies as may be necessary in order to assist an investment license holder to comply with any formalities or requirements for obtaining any permission, authorizations, licenses, land and other requirements for implementing the business enterprise.

Company Law

We render legal advice in content-ious and non-contentious corpora-te matters. Our legal services in this area includes; company formation, board and shareholder disputes, shareholders agreements, advise on the articles and memorandum of association, increasing and reducing the authorized share capital as may be required, drafting joint venture agreements, sale and purchase of the share capital of the company and company secretarial services such as filing statutory returns, registration of charges among others.