Particulars of Directors & Co. Secretary Form

1. “Director “ Includes any person who occupies the position of a Director by whatever name called, and any person in accordance with whose directions or instructions the Directors of a company are accustomed to act.
2. “Christian name” includes a forename, and “surname” in the case of a peer or personally usually by a title different from his surname, means title.
3. “Former Christian name” and “former surname” do not include:-
a) In the case of peer or a person usually known by a title different from his surname, the name by which
he was known previous to the adoption of or succession to the title ; or
b. in the case of any person, a former Christian name or surname where that name or surname was changed
or disused before the person bearing the name attained the age of eighteen years or has been changed or
disused for a period of not less than twenty years; or
c. In the case of a married woman the name or surname by which she was known previous to the marriage.